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Matt Pirog

Crash Bandicoot, Destiny 2, Skylanders, Guitar Hero

First quick listen. Update... You guys are crazy. In the right way. Many Many smiles through that.


Liza Richardson

Narcos, Barry, Carnival Row, Sleepy Hollow

No matter what crazy curveball I throw at The Soundlings, they catch it with excellence, enthusiasm and polish. There’s always a tight deadline and they have no problem with that. The Soundlings have saved me from countless musical perils! 


Ryan Wiesbrock

TINPO, Holly Hobbie, Care Bears

Cool Stuff x100!

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The Soundlings are a dynamic music production duo that strongly believe music and sound shape the world we live in. They have guided the sonic visions of hundreds of projects from the big screen to the small screen. The Soundlings have recently decided to take a deep dive into the virtual world by way of writing an original score for a video game set for major console release in 2020 under EA Games. From epic music for Marvel’s Shazam!, X-Men, Lincoln, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, to theme songs for National Geographic’s Explorer, which is currently airing in over 172 countries and 40 different languages around the world, Monday Night Football on ESPN and TruTV’s Paid Off, The Soundlings have just the sound thing to complete your sound dream.


Currently, The Soundlings are scoring their third season of The Carbonaro Effect (TruTV) and devising a plan to take over the world through hypnotic music that will soon turn us all into Soundlings!

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