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The Soundlings, Sonny Rey and Matt Naylor, are a dynamic music production team that strongly believe music and sound shape the world we live in. They have guided the sonic visions of hundreds of projects from the big screen to the small screen. The Soundlings recently took a deep dive into the virtual world and wrote the original score for Velan Studio's epic dodgeball multiplayer game, Knockout City, and Hot Wheels mixed reality racing game, Rift Rally. 


Sonny Rey comes from a musical family and started learning piano at the age of six from his producer/composer father Les Pierce. At age 12, Rey toured with Japanese artist Mimi, playing keys and singing backgrounds. After returning from Japan, Rey started learning how to produce, write, and compose songs, and at age 17, he landed his first placement for the television show Zoey 101. Soon after, he started writing music for America’s Next Top Model. Rey is a proud Dad of three.


Matt Naylor started learning guitar at age 12 and took to music quickly after teaching himself songs he heard on TV like the Peanuts Theme Song. Naylor got really into production and recording after recording a couple of albums with his high school Punk band. He attended Belmont University and while in Nashville, Tennessee, worked with artists such as Jason Mraz, Selena Gomez, Willie Nelson, and Casting Crowns. After graduating, Naylor moved to Los Angeles to pursue scoring TV, film, and video games. He got his first musical placement in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.


Rey and Naylor met in 2012 at a writing session in Los Angeles through a mutual friend, Steven Stern. They hit it off immediately and started writing together. They realized their combined sound was unique, so they soon formed The Soundlings. They have composed epic music for DC’s Shazam!, HBO’s Lovecraft Country, Lincoln, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, Netflix’s Narcos Mexico, to theme songs for ESPN’s Monday Night Football, TruTV’s Paid Off, and National Geographic’s Explorer, which is currently airing in over 172 countries and 40 different languages around the world. The Soundlings are devising a plan to take over the world through hypnotic music that will soon turn us all into Soundlings!



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